Group Member Agreement

A Good Group Member


  • Listen

  • Act kindly and friendly

  • Work as a team

  • Compromise

  • A fair share of the work

  • Ensure everyone participates in the group

  • Provide positive & constructive feedback

  • Does their best work

  • Pay attention to the time they have to complete their task

  • Work at a low level of volume

Does Not

  • Prevent the group from working together

  • Distract the group by bringing up irrelevant topics

  • Get frustrated

  • Monopolize the group’s time

  • Act indifferently

  • Boss the group around

  • Do more than an equal share of the work

A Good Group Leader

  • Makes sure the group's conversations are on topic.

  • Leads the group through correct actions and words.

  • Makes sure their group is on task and will finish their task on time.

  • Makes sure each group member is doing their best work and using their talents effectively.

  • If their group finishes early, they make sure the group is reading quietly or working on something silently.

  • Make sure everyone in their group has completed the task by either helping them or have another group member help them.

  • Takes a moment to listen to the volume of the room, and decide if your group needs to bring your volume down.