The Silk Road

Essential Question

Why was the Silk Road important to China and other nations?

The Silk Road

Activity 1: NEWSELA "Trade Goods, and Ideas, Travel the Silk Roads Between Asia and Europe"

Sign in to Newsela and read the article "Trade Goods, and Ideas, Travel the Silk Roads Between Asia and Europe." Remember to annotate the article as you read and complete the quiz once you have finished reading. Then create an educational poster explaining the main ideas in the reading with both visuals and writting. Use the heading and subheadings for help.

Activity 2: Primary Source-Trade in Ming China

Define the vocabulary words, read the primary source excerpts, and answer the text-dependent questions.

Primary Source-Trade in Ming China

Discussion Questions

  • What role did the physical geography of Eurasia play in the establishment of Silk Road trade routes?

  • Historians often glorify the positive exchanges along the Silk Road, but can you think of a possible negative impact of global trade on society in the medieval world?

  • Silk Road trade led to global exchange and cultural blending to create new cultural elements. Can you think of a specific example of how the modern world economy has led to similar effects?

Activity 3: What were the effects of the silk road on the medieval world?

Using the information from this lesson, answer the questions in a thinking map. Complete this assignment digitally or on paper. It will be collected in your portfolio.

Extension Activities