Marco Polo

Essential Question

What impact did Marco Polo have on Europe?

Marco Polo

A traveler named Marco Polo spent 20 years in Asia traveling along the silk road and China between 1271 and 1295. Marco Polo wrote a book on his travels, wrote of a highly civilized country, and described the many wonders of Asia, from coal to wonderful new spices. His book inspired many traders to seek those products themselves in Asia. He reignited Europe's interest in China and the Far East. This interest in China inspired many European explorers like Christopher Columbus, to try and find faster trade routes to Asia.

It should be noted that many historians now doubt the accuracy of Marco Polo's travels. We know his co-author was a failed romance novelist who exaggerated many details to make to Polo's travels more exciting. Some historians even doubt where he went to China at all because many important parts of Chinese life are not mentioned at all like chopsticks.

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Activity 1: What impact did Marco Polo & his "Travels" have on Europe?

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