Aryan Invasion

Essential Question

What was the significance of the Aryan “invasions” of India?

Aryan Invasion or Migration?

In the Indian subcontinent, there was a highly developed civilization in ancient India known as the Indus Valley Civilization on the fertile flood plain of the Indus River By 1500 BCE the Aryans migrated into the Indian subcontinent. Coming from central Asia, this large group of nomadic cattle herders crossed the Hindu Kush Mountains and came in contact with the Indus Valley Civilization. This was a large migration and used to be seen as an invasion, which was believed by some scholars to be behind the collapse of the Indus Valley Civilization; this hypothesis is not unanimously accepted today.

Activity 1: Aryan Invasion Reading

Read the reading on "Aryan Invasion" and then answer the guiding questions.

Aryan Invasion Reading & Questions.pdf

Discussion Questions

  • What do historians disagree about regarding the "Aryan Invasion?"

  • What impact did the "Aryan Invasion" have on India?

Activity 2: What effects did the Aryan Invasion/Migration have on Indian civilization?

Using the information from this lesson, answer the questions in a thinking map. Complete this assignment digitally or on paper. It will be collected in your portfolio.

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