The Rise of Rome

Unit Highlights

In this unit, students will analyze primary and secondary sources to explain the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the development of Rome. Students will be able to:

  • Sequence the rise of Rome in myth and historical fact

  • Explain the government of the Roman Republic and its significance.

  • Explain the causes of the political and economic growth of the Roman Empire

  • Explain how Caesar and Augustus transitioned Rome from a republic to an empire.

  • Explain how the Jewish people were affected by Roman rule.

  • Explain the origins and spread of Christian beliefs.

  • Explain the significance of Roman advancements.


Unit Vocabulary

  • Aeneas

  • Augustus Caesar

  • Aqueduct

  • Cicero

  • Cincinnatus

  • Consuls

  • Dictators

  • Forum

  • Latin

  • Julius Caesar

  • Magistrates

  • Patricians

  • Pax Romana

  • Plebeians

  • Punic Wars

  • The Roman Empire

  • The Roman Republic

  • Romulus and Remus

  • Veto

  • Virgil

Activity 1: The Rise of Rome Pre-Test

Using your prior knowledge, brainstorm, list, and/or draw what you know about Rome in a thinking map. Complete this assignment on the Thinking Maps Learning Community or on paper. You may include:

  • Information you know or kind of know about Rome.

  • Guesses about Rome.

  • Questions you have about Rome.

  • Information you would like to know about Rome.

  • What comes to mind when you think of Rome.