The Industrial Revolution

Essential Question

How did Industrialization affect the North?

What were challenges in the constructing roads, canals, roadways, and other transportation systems?

The Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution in America, The Transportation Revolution, & More Technological Advances.pdf

Discussion Questions

  • In what part of the United States were most mills located? Why?

  • What event encouraged the growth of American manufacturing? Why?

  • What forms of transportation were improved or invented at this time?

  • What effect did the Transportation Revolution have on the United States, its economy, and the landscape?

  • What inventions improved life at home?

  • How did the shift to steam power lead to the growth of cities?

  • What effect did new inventions have on agriculture in the United States?

Activity 1: What were the causes and effects of the Industrial and Transportation Revolution?

Using the information from this lesson, answer the questions in a thinking map. Complete this assignment digitally or on paper. It will be collected in your portfolio.

Extension Activities