Mojo on Growth Mindset

Essential Question

How can I apply Growth Mindset in my life?

Episode 1

Discussion Questions:

  • Why does Mojo want to leave school? Can you sometimes relate to how Mojo is feeling?

  • What does Katie say to Mojo to convince him not to leave?

  • Do you think Mojo can become smarter? Why or why not?

  • What subject do you feel frustrated by sometimes? Can you see yourself becoming smarter in that subject? How?

  • How can you think about challenges in a new way?

Episode 2

Discussion Questions:

  • What does the quote from the video, "mistakes can make you smarter" mean to you?

  • How can we learn from our mistakes? Talk about a specific, recent example.

  • If you were building a robot and kept "failing,” what would you do?

  • How does it feel when you make a mistake? What do you do about those feelings so that you don't get discouraged?

  • How can we support one another when facing challenges that result in many trials?

Episode 3

Discussion Questions:

  • Think of a time where you just didn't get “it.” What could you do in that situation?

  • Think of a time you were afraid to ask for help. Why did you feel afraid?

  • Why is the word "yet" so powerful? Think of a "yet" moment in your life and share it.

Episode 4

Discussion Questions:

  • What are neurons and how do we make connections between our neurons?

  • Think of an example where you made some new connections in your brain. What were you doing?

  • What can you do this week to make some new connections? Set one specific goal.

  • What is one big challenge you've faced that has helped grow your brain? What’s a new challenge you want to tackle now?

Episode 5

Discussion Questions:

  • What does it feel like when something is too challenging? Is it wrong that we feel this way?

  • What kind of attitude should we take on when facing a challenge, and why is that important?

  • When taking on a challenge, it's okay to ask for help or to take a break to reflect, like Mojo did! Does this mean we aren't growing our brain anymore?

  • Sometimes when we are working on a challenging task, we may think, "just try harder." Is there a way to change this phrase?

  • What are some strategies we can use when facing a big challenge, so that we don't burn out?

  • What are some phrases we can use to keep us going when facing a challenge?