Biblical Foreshadowing


I can analyze biblical Foreshadowing 

Biblical Foreshadowing

Jonah and the Whale BY Justus Jonas D. Ä. (C. 1517)

Remember, to foreshadow is to show, warn, or indicate a future event before it happens.

Discussion Questions

In this unit you will learn about different ways of interpreting the Bible and understanding it. One important way to read the Bible is to look for all the ways that something in the Old Testament foreshadows something in the New Testament.

Activity 1: Biblical Foreshadowing

Complete the tree map by look up each Scripture passage in the Bible and write in your own words a brief summary of each passage. Then determine what the Old Testament passage is foreshadowing and record your answer in the column labeled “What is foreshadowed?” Complete this assignment on the Thinking Maps Learning Community or on paper.

Tree Map: Biblical Foreshadowing.pdf