Contracts vs. Covenants


I can compare and contrast contracts and covenants

Warm Up

Activity 1: Consequences and Relationships

Respond to the questions on this worksheet.

Consequences and Relationships.pdf

Discussion Questions

Contracts vs. Covenants

The Catechism defines mercy as “the loving kindness, compassion, or forbearance shown to one who offends.” Mercy can also be defined as love that keeps on loving even when it is rejected. God has revealed His mercy to us through covenants in salvation history. Covenant comes from the Latin word convenire, which means “to come together” or “to agree.” In a covenant, two or more parties “come together” and form a formal and sacred bond of family relationship that is unbreakable. Covenants are the central theme throughout Scripture. One can study the Bible by examining the creation of these bonds and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ.  

A contract an exchange of goods and services but a covenant is an exchange of persons

A contract is a contractual obligations but a covenant is made of personal obligations

Contracts are entered into by human promises but a covenant is based in the word of God

Relationships in a contracts depend on the conditions being met but a relationship made in a covenant is permanent

A contract can dissolved, but a covenant cannot.

Discussion Questions

Activity 2: The Covenant with Noah

Read the story of the covenant with Noah and answer the questions at the bottom.

The Covenant with Noah.pdf