The Days of Creation


I can sequence the events on each day of Creation.

The Days of Creation

Discussion Questions

We are free to believe that if we want to, because God, who is all powerful, could certainly have created things in that way if He wanted to. All that we have discovered about the beauty of creation through scientific study, however, suggests that after the Big Bang—a moment in which all the energy, matter, time, and space in the universe came to be in single instant—the universe slowly evolved into its current state, including life on earth, over a period of billions of years. There are many ideas about what the sacred author of Genesis was trying to communicate by telling the story of creation in the way he did, but most Christian scholars agree that the story teaches that God works gradually and in stages, and in words and deeds. This understanding of God supports the understanding of creation that comes to us from scientific study. In fact, none of the truths we learn from the story of creation in Genesis about God, creation, and man conflicts with or contradicts any truths we might learn from scientific study about how the universe came to be. In the end, God made everything, including science.

Activity 1: What Did God Make on Each Day of Creation? 

Think about your existing knowledge of the story of creation. Based on your prior knowledge and without using a Bible or any other resource, make a flow map on what you think God created on each of the seven days of creation (Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; etc). Be specific and thorough and, where applicable, to make note of how God made the things He made (e.g., did He place the thing, form it out of something, or speak it into existence?). At this point, there are no right or wrong answers. 

When you have finished making your lists, read the story of creation from Genesis 1:1-31 and Genesis 2:1-3 and compare your lists with the story of creation. Cross off the items on your handouts that were not part of what God created on a specific day and circle the items that were part of what He created on that day. Also, correct and/or note, where applicable, how God created the things of creation.

Activity 2: What Did God Make on Each Day of Creation Writing 

Write a brief response to the following prompts.