Using the Bible Effectively


I can use the Bible effectively

How to Look Up A Bible Verse(s)

John 3:16

This is the typical way a passage in the Bible is referenced. Using this, we can look up the specific book, chapter, and verses.

Sometimes the name of the book is abbreviated. For example, the Gospel of John is sometimes abbreviated “Jn.” The book of Genesis is sometimes abbreviated “Gn.” In today’s class, we’re going to have the opportunity to practice identifying these parts of the Bible and looking up different passages.

Activity 1: Bible Scavenger Hunt

Look up the given Scripture passages and fill in the blanks. This activity is meant to provide practice using a Bible.

Bible Scavenger Hunt.pdf

Activity 1: Bible Scavenger Hunt Pt 2

This is a list of 25 of the most popular Bible verses. Pick five to look up and write down the passages. 

Bible Verse Hunt.docx