God Reveals Himself in His Word


I can explain that God reveals Himself in His word


Activity 1: Guess Who?

In your notebook write the name of a celebrity, a famous athlete, a cartoon character, YouTuber, or a character from a TV show or a movie (for example, Bugs Bunny, Iron Man, Taylor Swift, a Minion, and so forth). Then write five important clues or characteristics about the person or character in your notebook. 

Then find a partner and without revealing any clues, try to guess who your partner is. Then after each incorrect guess reveal one clue one then your partner should guess again. If a guess is incorrect, the next clue should be revealed and so on. If, after all five clues have been revealed and the identity has not been guessed, you may reveal your person to your partners.

Discussion Questions

God Reveals Himself in His Word

There are different ways in which we can come to know that God exists, such as through nature or through the use of human reason. But in order to know certain things about God, such as who He is, that He loves us, and that has a plan for our lives, God has to reveal them to us. We cannot come to know such things on our own by thinking about them or by using science and technology. Similarly, the only way students could know who their partners were in the game they just played was for their partners to reveal themselves. Blindly guessing would get them only so far. Thankfully, God does reveal Himself to us. One of the primary ways God does this is through Scripture, the Bible.

Activity 2: God Reveals Himself in His Word

God Reveals Himself in His Word.pdf

Activity 3: God Reveals Himself to Us

What are two things that God reveals about Himself to us?