Scripture & Tradition


I can explain the importance of Scripture and Tradition in Divine Revelation

Warm Up

Discussion Questions

As Catholics we believe that God’s revelation has come to us through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Both are essential in helping us understand who God is and His plan for us.

Remember is not just a feeling or an emotion. Intellect and will are required for us to submit to faith. Faith is not simply believing in something we can’t see or trusting something that someone made up to explain the world around us. Faith is trusting in something based on a certain amount of evidence. It requires an informed decision that we get through Scripture and Tradition. The last time, we talked about how faith requires an informed decision. Today they are going to look more closely at ways to inform yourselves in order to submit to faith.

Divine Revelation

Activity 1: An Informed Faith: Scripture and Tradition

Read the essay and then answer the focus questions that follow.

An Informed Faith: Scripture and Tradition.pdf

Activity 2: Divine Revelation Quiz.

Divine Revelation Quiz.pdf

Activity 3: Divine Revelation Writing

Write a paragraph with five or more sentences that answers the following question: