The Humanity of Jesus


I can analyze examples of Jesus's humanity 

Warm Up

Activity 1: Who Is Jesus?

Work individually to decide whether you agree or disagree with each statement about Jesus. Then have write a paragraph that responds to the given prompt.

Who Is Jesus?.pdf

Jesus' humanity, is like us in all things but sin. He knows what it means to be human. He has suffered and experienced pain. He knows joy and sadness, friendship and love, and everything in between. The only thing that Jesus did not do, like us, is sin. Although He was tempted to sin, as we are, Jesus resisted all temptation.

The Humanity of Jesus

Activity 1: Event in Jesus’ Life Interview

Each student will be given an Events in Jesus’ Life Cards to read. When you have finished you are going to role-play one person is the reporter, and the other person is a character from the readings. Create a list of five to ten questions the reporter would ask and then “interview” the character, who should respond as the character would. Determine what important facts the reporter would want to be sure to include in his interview. Be prepared to act out your interview for the class.

Events in Jesus’ Life Cards.pdf
Event in Jesus’ Life Interview.pdf