Salvation History


I can explain Covenants & The Major Covenants throughout Scripture

Warm Up

Salvation History

We are going to read the following Scripture passages out loud together as a class:

Discussion Question

They can all serve as a summary of the major highlights in the story of salvation history. All the Old Testament passages point to and lead up to the events in the New Testament. The New Testament passages are fulfillments of the Old Testament passages.

Activity 1: Understanding Covenants & The Major Covenants throughout Scripture

Read "Understanding Covenants," and then complete "The Major Covenants throughout Scripture" Thinking Map using the Covenant Cards. Every covenant has a promise, a mediator, and a sign. Each covenant also signifies a progression or growth in God’s family. Using the information in the lesson, fill in the following thinking map. 

Understanding Covenants.pdf