Stages of Gospel Formation 


I can explain the stages of Gospel formation 

Warm Up

Activity 1: Psalm 139

Read Psalm 139, respond in writing to the reflection questions on the handout.

Psalm 139.pdf

Stages of Gospel Formation

Activity 2: My Timeline

Think about key events in your life thus far and document them on a flow map

in black pen. You must have at least 10 different events. If they are having trouble thinking of events, I suggest you add the following to add to your chart:

When you have filled in the important events, write next to each box how you knew this occurred in your life. You can put multiple choices by each box.

Activity 3: Stages of Gospel Formation (slides 1-6)

I will conduct a brief lecture on the stages of the formation of the Gospels. As I do complete the Note-Taking Guide.

Spirit of Truth Grade 7 Unit 2 Lesson 5 The Formation of the Gospels.pptx
Stages of Gospel Formation Note-Taking Guide.pdf

Discussion Questions