Historic and Geographic Background of the New Testament 


I can explain the historical and geographic background of the New Testament

Warm Up

Activity 1: Interview Questions

Take turns interviewing a partner using the questions on the handout and recording their partners’ answers. Then think about your own answers to the interview questions and write a five- to seven-sentence paragraph that answers the reflection question.

Interview Questions.pdf

The World the New Testament

When we learn about Jesus and His life and teachings, there are a lot things that we don’t automatically understand. Jesus lived more than 2,000 years ago in a place and culture very different from ours with preferences and customs that a person living in Jesus’ time would have instantly understood but we do not. Therefore, before we do a deeper study of Jesus, it is helpful for us to consider the context in which He lived in, the world of the New Testament.

Activity 2: World of the New Testament (Slides 1-4).

I will conduct a brief lecture on the World of the New Testament. As I do complete the Note-Taking Guide.

Spirit of Truth Grade 7 Unit 2 Lesson 6 World of the New Testament.pptx
World of the New Testament Note-Taking Guide.pdf

Activity 3: Geography of the Bible.

Watch the video titled “Geography of the Bible explainED,” and complete the handout while watching the video.

Geography of the Bible.pdf