I can analyze and reflect on the chapter "Success" of Tattoos on the Heart. 


Read "Success"

Chapter 8

Discussion Questions:

Activity 1: "Success" Reading Guide

Make a copy of this Google Doc (Click "File" then "Make a copy.") and answer the questions in the right hand column. One you have finished make a new sub page title "Success" under "Summaries" and post this Google Doc on it. Remember to turn on link sharing is the "Share" settings.  

Tattoos on the Heart: Chapter 8

Activity 2: "Success" Reflection 

Make a new sub page titled "Success" under "Reflection." Pick two of the following prompts on the webpage. Answer each question using two or more paragraphs (Remember a paragraph is 5 or more sentences). Write out the questions you are responding to so Mr. Q may know when he grades your responses. Be sure to reference parts of the book and use quotes (unless it is a personal reflection).