Water, Oil, Flame


I can analyze and reflect on the chapter "Water, Oil, Flame" of Tattoos on the Heart. 

Water, Oil, Flame

Read "Water, Oil, Flame"

Chapter 4

Discussion Questions:

Activity 1: "Water, Oil, and Flame" Reading Guide

Make a copy of this Google Doc (Click "File" then "Make a copy.") and answer the questions in the right hand column. One you have finished make a new sub page title "Water, Oil, and Flame" under "Summaries" and post this Google Doc on it. Remember to turn on link sharing is the "Share" settings.  

Tattoos on the Heart: Chapter 4

Activity 2: "Water, Oil, and Flame" Reflection 

Make a new sub page title "Water, Oil, and Flame" under "Reflection." Pick two of the following prompts on the webpage. Answer each question using two or more paragraphs (Remember a paragraph is 5 or more sentences). Write out the questions you are responding to so Mr. Q may know when he grades your responses. Be sure to reference parts of the book and use quotes (unless it is a personal reflection).