Service Hours

Service Hours Requirement

Students are required to complete thirty service hours a year. At the end of each trimester students must turn in a service hour log with at least ten completed hours. At least five service hours each trimester must be completed outside of school. Any extra hours will be rolled over and counted towards next trimester. For example, if a student turns in fifteen hours at the end of trimester one, then they are only required to turn in five hours at the end of trimester two. 

What Are Service Hours?


Service hours are time when students work with individuals through a non-profit agency, church, or organization that cares for the poor, hungry, disadvantaged, children (coaching or tutoring), the environment, the elderly, the sick, the disabled, or individuals with special needs.


Not Valid Service Hours 

Family help is not considered valid hours because family help is a given.  Students should help their parents, aunt, cousins, grandparents etc. Students who received some kind of compensation (money) is not valid. Volunteering at a for-profit business is not service hours. If you are unsure if an activity would count as service hours please ask Mr. Q

Examples of Not Valid Service Hours

Service Hours Log

Christian Service Hours Log

Service Hour Reflection

Activity 1: Service Hour Reflection

At the end of each trimester student s must submit a service hours reflection with their service hour logs. They must write 1-2 pages MLA format reflecting on your service hour experiences throughout the the following two prompts: 

Here are some other questions to ask yourself if you get stuck: